@zy for now probably a bad idea lol, but i might make it invite only

@zy oh this is a good tip! i might try move it tomorrow

@internetofshit @zy You can't move it, though. That is apparently almost impossible - you have to start a new server on a new domain like this.

@internetofshit ah, shoot, you closed off account creation just when I was going to create @[email protected] specifically to reply to this 😀

@internetofshit Ding, dong. Hello it's me, the other device called "John's Television" that never stops trying to connect to your network even if you blacklist it

@internetofshit hello! You sure? Can’t see any bluemark on your fridge

@internetofshit Somehow I knew I’d find you here. Now, anyone know how this works or are we pioneers of a sort?

@internetofshit So pleased to see more of those I followed elsewhere join the rebellion.

@internetofshit literally one of my favourite accounts from Twitter. Really happy to see you here 🙌🏻

@internetofshit know of anyone who’s got a mastodon server running on their fridge yet?

@internetofshit All toots from a discarded Roomba hooked to a Chinese USB key.

@internetofshit I'm pretty sure I followed a mirror of this account back on GNU social. Glad you're officially here. Looking forward to seeing more of the hilarious failures of "IoT."

@internetofshit please tell me you're running your mastodon server on a repurposed wifi device ... belonging to someone else.

@internetofshit hi? Not sure how to respond to the Internet of Shit, NGL

@internetofshit Great 👍, bring your same entertainment over here! Welcome

@internetofshit you were really the only thing I looked at on the bird site

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