ok i am too scared to leave signups on overnight so disabled them for now but i might turn them back on tomorrow <3

@internetofshit You're saving yourself from a massive backlog of applications... which honestly, fair enough! 😅​

@internetofshit it’s the new Instagram expression felt cute might delete later. 😁

@internetofshit thanks for doing this. My old mastodon went bye bye and I needed a new home

@internetofshit It's kinda mothballed, but I'd be tempted to bring it back if you'd be willing to bring it to your instance.

@internetofshit Get that. So I was fast/early enough to register as @[email protected] I guess? That was a name I had to "have", really.

Don't worry though: only created a (very!) basic profile page, never posted anything, and only set a redirect back to this instance. I am basically using you as a redirect using the funny instance name and will never do more. Thanks!

@internetofshit so how does this play out if YOU shut your server down? You've made me paranoid over the years that internetty-things can't be trusted.

@internetofshit looking forward to you opening up applications again

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