wow who would have guessed people don’t want an internet camera and microphone owned by zuck in their house

@internetofshit generally, it just feels like video chat is not something average folks are excited about. Even in business, everyone turns the cameras off because thumbnail faces add little for most situations, and many already avoid voice calls, let alone video. People like that these mediums can provide some distance and separation, so who is going to pay for a Portal or Echo Show and lose that? Even if you're into it for some calls, that's what a smartphone or laptop does, and often better.

@internetofshit Also fun: Zuck admits having made bad decisions — and then keeps the metaverse.

@internetofshit thank god, no more shitty adverts for this utter bilge.

@internetofshit I am not convinced that pivoting efforts towards AR glasses is the smartest idea

@jur0_o @internetofshit AR will be very useful if done right. But I'm not convinced Facebook will get it right.

@internetofshit oh great they can double down on the meta headsets no one wants

@internetofshit Great, now they need to figure out people do not want their glasses connected to fb either :)

@internetofshit The solution for a crappy product is, as always, to add more metaverse.

@internetofshit Oh I don't know. There are people who breed hissing cockroaches... I'm sure one of them would love a camera+mic, that had Zoiderberg creeping on the other end, in a roach love pit. If you had a tarantula, or some big-ass snake, you put the Meta thing in there... let the Meta AI just fill with images of existential nightmares that are burned right into human DNA.

The world is maybe missing an opportunity...

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