Crisis is done, methinks. Now comes the straggling aftermath

@femme_mal situation at the apartment keeps degrading, iugh

this lady keeps saying "my apartment, in which my weird roommate lives".

It's my name on the lease?

I really do not want to make someone homeless (even though they have somewhere to go) but I also don't want to pay a year of their rent OR get hit with an eviction.

Today's crisis is all recent people who left the Org had their email accounts suspended. That was supposed to happen a year from now.

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This is your average social media user after listening to Mastodon nerds explaining the benefits of picking a server and the fediverse.

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I mistyped "Wuthering Heights" as "Wuthering Heist" and now I desperately need to read that book/see that movie.

All the fun people are over on the bsky site

I see Tay is bothering the furries again

infra is partially back up,. Firewall/VPN is up, wifi is up. But I still need to rearrange my entire space so my servers have a place to live.

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omg omg omg confirmation from the boss at sysadminJerrb that my employment there ends on 4/30. So another 90h and I'm free to fuck off to bartendJerb lol

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