Twitter killing off its API. How low have the mighty fallen.

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Good morning, the empty bookshelves in Florida schools keep my head busy, since I'm a teacher with a library in my classroom in Berlin myself. That's a history lesson in front of our very eyes and exactly how fascism started in Germany. Books were banned and then burnt and everyone said, well, I can't do anything, I don't want to loose my job, I don't like it, but... Many little steps were made by many little people who didn't stand up against a new little rule. You know how this ends.

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We have one client which we manage an Azure tenant for. They require, and have specified, a zero-tolerance for device non-compliance.

In roughly two hours, 1647 devices are about to be locked out of access to organisation resources, wiped, and removed from Intune permanently.

4 meetings, 124 emails, and two phone calls a day for the last 14 days have warned them of this.

We’ve been *very* clear about what is about to happen for the last 13 months. Their internal management have *acknowledged* what is about to happen. But still, time marches on.

Death by middle-management.


I would love for my coworker to go home instead of sleeping her time off work at the office.

If you're in Minneapolis– or if you're riding bikes in general, watch out for bike thieves putting superglue in the keyway of your bike lock. They hope you leave your bike there overnight so they can come back with tools to cut the lock or the rack and steal the bike.

Okay it turned out to be the monitoring cluster, but still...

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Want a xpisy) spicy start to your morning? Bring half the network down.

My body doesn't know if it wants to sleep, rage, or what

I'm seeing _some_ shitposts from the bird site On Here but now we need to pull in the rest of the other sites

Hmm I just realized in low-contact with my family.

Where is one to get a job in tech when most of the postings are fake?

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Ex-Amazon employees on the almost impressively cynical way Amazon smile started:

here's to gaming on the couch swaddled in blankets

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