Hello, I am the Internet of Shit. Yes, Internet of Shit not Internet of s***

The idea started as a parody account, because I was frustrated by a crappy thermostat that wouldn't work when my internet was down (yep) and it turned out a whole bunch of people weren't super happy with how "smart" devices are invading every facet of life. SUrprise!

Remember Juicero? Yeah. I wish I didn't. But this is where we are now.

This is the only website by the Internet of Shit, and all pages/whatever associated with it are linked here. You probably want real shit, not some fake Internet of Shit, right?

Press coverage/interviews:

To talk, email me.

Are you anonymous?

Why are you anonymous?
Because it's more fun this way. It's not a big national secret, but I think there's a bit more fun involved when it's not about the person running the account. I am not employed by an IoT company.

Will you speak at my conference?
This is actually something I'm mulling in 2018. If you have an idea for how I can speak at your event, anonymously, email me! I'm open to it.

Why are you such a jerk?
It's fun to poke fun at products that are bad! Maybe make your product less shit.

Do you hate all IoT devices?
Funnily enough, no. I like the idea of many of them, so I've actually purchased a whole bunch! I just hate how many of them implement basic things poorly, and it's fun to point out how stupid it is.

Do you run sponsored tweets/advertising?
Absolutely not. If I take money, you'll know how and why.

Why haven't you made fun of $product?
I decide what I think is funny and what's just like, general moaning. I get so many @replies now that it's hard to keep up, and a lot of people are just moaning in my direction. There's so much genuinely good stuff it's hard to make jokes about it all!

Ugh why are you tweeting about $politicaltopic or $otherthing?
Allow me to introduce you to this very useful Twitter feature that will immediately resolve your complaint:

Will you comment for my article?
Of course! Just email me your questions, or we can chat on Signal.