The shitdex score

How we calculate the shitdex score is an important part of this website. Here you can see the current criteria for achieving a 'not shit' score, along with each category's weighting and why we consider it important.

Each product receives a signal relating to these categories, which is calculated as either positive, negative, or unknown. We use these signals:

As of writing, there are 8 total marks, which are calculated to a potential 'five star' score. Five stars means this product is likely not totally shit, and zero stars means you should probably avoid it entirely.

We calculate stars using the following formula, which may change in the future:


Marked as bad if user privacy has been breached via malicious hackers, or the company has questionable business practices.

Data Ownership

Does this product work offline at all?


Is this device expected to last more than two years?


Has the company ever been hacked?

Standards support

Does the device support a standard of some kind, like HomeKit?

Works offline

The device functions fully, or almost fully, when the internet is down.


Does this device require a subscription to function beyond the purchase of the hardware?

Software updates

The device receives regular software updates from the manufacturer, either with new features or security patches.