The internet of Shit finally has a on line website, served by your lightbulbs. point your subscription engines to the RSS feed for good shit, or sign up for our newsletter thing.

why a blog? well, we're making stickers this year (samples are being printed right now!), and a bunch of people don't use twitter apparently, so this is for them and also you if you don't happen to literally scroll your feed all day.

as more smart shit like this sneaks into your home, i wanted to make the place to check first before buying something. soon, you'll be able to search by company name, tag or whatever, and i'll even be making a 'not completely shit' section for recommended stuff that won't steal your photo or something.

as i have said many times on twitter, and somehow people do not believe me, i own many many many connected devices because i hate myself, and also genuinely enjoy suffering. but really, this means i can help you avoid the suffering.

anyway, click this button to get emails about posts here, and come back soon.