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hello world

Want to find the best and worst smart home gadgets? The Internet of Shit is here to help with our new review site.
hello world

It's true, the Internet of Shit finally has an online website, served by your lightbulbs/refrigerator. The plan? Reviews of smart home gadgets, with privacy and longevity in mind–while acknowledging that the reality is that many people actually want some connected devices in their lives, and we could help them be better informed.

Some people might wonder, why does the Internet of Shit, a parody account, want to do this? Well, the truth is that I buy a lot of dumb smart shit because a) I hate myself, and b) it's how I keep on top of these things.

I've noticed, however, that it's hard to find objective reviews of smart tech that aren't a waste of time; they're either full of constant praise or not comprehensive enough, let alone never really writing about the chilling effects of connecting everything.

From Ring's sinister secretive co-operation with police departments to smart devices being used as the digital tools of domestic abuse, we can clearly do better in the long run. As more smart shit like this sneaks into your home, I wanted to make a better place to check first before buying something–the only way to make this industry better is to vote with our wallets.

Right now, we're just getting off the ground, but the plan is to review new smart home devices regularly, and fund the site directly from supporters like you. If that model works we won't need advertising or creepy tracking scripts.

Onboard with that? Create a free account on the top right of the page by slapping 'subscribe' to be notified when our members-only program kicks off; supporters will get great goodies like free stickers, members-only newsletters, and community access to hang out with me once it launches. Once you've signed up, email me and let me know what devices you want reviewed first, and we'll see what we can do.

If you don't want to fork over your email address, that's fine too–we'll start publishing our first reviews here soon, so check back often.

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