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4 years ago
A range of smart light switches designed to allow simple smart control of lighting without the need for complex configuration or replacement of existing lightbulbs. 

Caseta offers a range of smart light switches that work in configurations without a neutral wire. There are options that replace both single-pole and three-way (multiple light switch) lighting configurations. 

Unlike other smart switches, Caseta does not rely on WiFi to communicate, instead using a proprietary radio communication format.
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  • Privacy
  • Data Ownership
  • Lifespan
  • Security
  • Standards support 🚨
  • Works offline
  • Subscription-free
  • Software updates


Our score: ✅
To date, Caseta doesn't appear to have been breached and uses reasonable security practices, while promising to not share your data with other vendors.

Data Ownership

Our score: ✅
Caseta can be used without internet or any sort of connection, so it should continue to function beyond any sort of service shutdown and could be used without even creating an account (though we'd question why you're buying smart lights, in that scenario).


Our score: ✅
Caseta has a long history of supporting its products and hasn't discontinued any connected devices to date.


Our score: ✅
No security breaches have been reported to date about Caseta.

Standards support

Our score: 🚨
Caseta requires a proprietary hub that does not support open standards to function. 

It does, however, support integrations such as Samsung SmartThings, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and more, however these integrations function in the cloud.

Works offline

Our score: ✅
Because Caseta uses its own communication standard and replaces existing light switches, they function fully when the internet is down, or if Wifi is missing entirely. 

The switches can be operated in the absence of internet entirely due to their hard-wired natured.


Our score: ✅
Caseta does not require a paid subscription beyond the purchase of the company's hardware.

Software updates

Our score: ✅
To date, Caseta has received regular updates to add new features and integrations with new voice assistants. It also updates it's app for each major mobile operating system update.

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